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Stone Shapes

If you would like to order a ring you can let us know which one you are interested in, along with your ring size and the stone colour that you prefer (if any). We will then check if we have it in stock, but if not we will make a new one especially for you. We will let you know when it is done, and as soon as you have made payment we will send you your ring. You can place your order through our website, by sending us a message on our Facebook page, instagram, whatsapp or by emailing us at

If you don’t know your ring size we would recommend that you have it measured by a jeweler, just remember to tell them if it is for a wide ring. This method is by far the most accurate.

We can make any of our rings with any colour stone that you like, and in most cases also with a different shape stone if you prefer. The colour of the stone will not change the price of the ring, unless you want a real precious or semi-precious gemstone, in which case we will work out a quote according to the type and size of the stone.

Our rings are made of sterling silver, 9ct gold, or combinations of the two metals. In some cases we oxidize our silver to give it an antique appearance. Oxidizing is to treat the silver with chemicals to purposefully give it a darker finish.


Most of our rings are made with cubic zirconias. The cubic is a synthetic, man-made gemstone, available in almost any colour you can imagine. It is a hard gemstone with exceptional shine and sparkle that won’t scratch easily or loose its colour. It is also eco-friendly and conflict-free, while still stunningly beautiful – the perfect choice for ecologically conscious consumers.


The manufacturing process generally takes about 5–6 weeks.

We use reliable courier services, but you are also welcome to arrange delivery or collection with a courier company of your choice. The courier fee is not included in the price of the rings.


To clean your ring, simply use a solution of hot water with a few drops of dish washing liquid and an old toothbrush to give it a good scrubbing, especially behind the stone and in all the crevices. You can also use a polish cloth intended for jewellery to give it more shine. PLEASE DO NOT USE A SILVER DIP! The silver dip has a reaction with the chemicals we use in the oxidation process and will ruin the appearance of your ring.

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